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We, Who Are About To Ride, Page 1

Comic #110

The trouble with taking the child to the Amusement Park is that I don't want anything to do with most of the rides. If I want to get sick to my stomach for any reason, I don't have to climb aboard some outrageous, six-story-high, termite-riddled deathtrap. I can just sit on a swingset for a few minutes, and achieve the desired effect. And it's not just that I'm too old to have fun anymore! Even as a small child, I had a fully-developed sense of self-preservation, which told me that everything I needed to know about roller coasters could be learned at a safe distance. But the little girl has traits which can be explained neither by genetics nor by upbringing- and one of them is her utter fearlessness when it comes to amusement park rides. Neither rain, nor snow, nor unsafe speeds, nor spinning around too many times, nor even going upside-down shall stay her from her appointed rounds...

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