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Adventure, Page 1

Comic #143

I remember 1977 as The Year That Star Wars Came Out. It was the year when drawings of The Incredible Hulk In His Incredible Torn-Up Pants stopped appearing in my school notebooks, to be replaced by drawings of TIE fighters, X-wings, and Imperial Stormtroopers. Imperial Stormtroopers have weird helmets and are incredibly hard to draw, but I sat next to a kid in math class who knew how to draw them, and I learned how to do it from him. At the expense of learning any math that year--but hey: life is full of trade-offs, and sometimes a man's got to make The Tough Choices. For many years I kept one of my homework papers from that class. It had a particularly good Incredible Hulk on it, and next to the drawing my math teacher had written, in red ink, "You don't have time for this!" To this day it puts a smile on my face to reflect that he was every bit as wrong as I thought he was at the time. Anyway, all of this is beside the point; the point is that Star Wars wasn't the only important thing that happened in 1977. Wikipedia tells me that the Atari 2600 also came out in 1977. If you're old enough to have owned one, then there's some chance you'll understand what I'm talking about in this week's comic...

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