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Paleo By Comparison, Page 1

Comic #24

"Paleozoic rocks are well represented in Pennsylvania. Warm, shallow seas covered much of the state through the early Paleozoic..." That particular fact was dug up on the internet, but I read the same thing when I was a kid. I remember reading it, because I remember how DISAPPOINTED I was... you want to know why? Because it meant I could dig 'til I had blisters- I could dig all day long!- I could dig up my WHOLE BACK YARD, and all I was gonna get were some lousy FISH FOSSILS. What a RIP-OFF, you know? I mean, I was after the big, land-based carnivores! Tyrannosaurus! Allosaurus! Heck, I'd've settled for one of those sail-backed things... what do you call those? Dimetrodons! Partial skeletons would have been okay! But *fish*? It just didn't seem fair... The robot in this month's comic was a real toy I had when I was a kid. It wasn't three stories tall, but apart from that I've rendered it accurately from memory. I begged for it- BEGGED for it!- for Christmas one year, because it just looked SO cool on TV. It had a weird Outer-Space-sounding name, written on the box in weird outer-Space-looking writing which impressed me very much: it was utterly alien, yet it somehow LOOKED LIKE language, and its squiggles and complexities suggested that the universe might somewhere harbor weird creatures that DID NOT COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH. It was in fact nothing more than Japanese writing on a Japanese-made toy, but at the time this was something entirely outside my experience. This was in the mid-seventies, you understand, when America was still exporting more weird stuff to Japan (KISS) than we were importing (Speed Racer, and the occasional Gamera movie on some UHF channel on Sunday mornings, if you were lucky).

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