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Kansas Islands, Page 1

Comic #51

Kansas Islands is one of my very favorite places in the whole world. (Okay, the number of places that I've actually been to is fairly small, but let's leave that out of this for the moment.) The woods are city woods, admittedly- full of stuff like rusty old shopping carts that got pushed down a ravine, and chipmunks that look like they eat a lot of cheese popcorn. But when I was a kid this was the Great Outdoors- it was Bear Country, and if you didn't know how to make a flint axe and tell directions by the moss on trees, your safe return to civilization was by no means guaranteed. It's difficult to visit the place now without thinking how little time seems to have passed between playing there as a kid, and playing there with MY kid. That feeling of chronological vertigo might be unpleasant in other circumstances, but in the woods, with the sound of moving water nearby, it somehow loses its power to alarm. June 2007 marks the beginning of our SECOND YEAR of posting comics here on the site! This strip, in fact, is a birthday card for the comic, in verse. I thank you all very much for reading.

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