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Q: 'FAQ' stands for 'Frequently Asked Questions'. Isn't it true that no one has ever, in fact, asked you any of these questions?

Do you wanna have a FAQ, or not?

Q: Okay, okay. How often does Planet Saturday Comics update?

We normally update once a week, on Mondays. We are currently on hiatus. The best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for our mailing list, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Q: What are the stories about?

The stories follow the adventures- real and imaginary- of an introverted kid who grows up to be a happy, if somewhat hapless, dad.

Q: Who are the main characters?

Emory is a kid who has a "rich inner life"... which is a nice way of saying that all his friends are imaginary. He doesn't seem too bothered by this, though.

Emory's got a whole bunch of superpowers which help him cope with his basement full of monsters. But if he could only have one superpower, he knows which one he'd pick.

'M' is Emory at around forty. (He just goes by the one initial these days, because he thinks 'Em' looks like it should have an 'Auntie' in front of it.)

You might think he'd have fewer imaginary friends at this age, but you'd be wrong.

M's a dad now- a Sensitive Dad, who remembers the trials of childhood and stands ready to help his daughter navigate those turbulent waters. But his daughter doesn't seem to have ANY of the problems he had as a kid. So they go to the park a lot and look for frogs.

And this is Dot- short for 'Dorothy', and for 'daughter'. She loves her dad, even though she thinks he's pretty much completely corny. Dot's age varies from comic to comic- she's usually a grade-school-aged kid, but she's made appearances as a toddler, and even as a nose-honking baby.

Q: So the main character appears as an adult AND a kid, and is called M and Emory?

That's right.

Q: Hmm... M and Emory.... M and Emory... Anything in particular you're trying to suggest with that?

Sorry, you're gonna have to get the rest of the way there on your own.

Q: Listening to Mozart makes babies smarter. Does reading your comic offer any beneficial effects?

Well, you know how time seems to speed up as you get older? We believe that our comic reverses that effect. The barely-remembered details of childhood are recalled to the reader's mind so vividly and unexpectedly that time actually slows back down.

Q: I don't think it's working on me.

You're not doing it right. You gotta line up your chakras or something.

Q: But since the comic features the barely-remembered details of YOUR childhood, wouldn't it only work on you?

Reading our comic also burns as many calories as thirty minutes of cardio.

Q: Oh, it does not. So I clicked one of the ads, and it took me to a site where I saw a cuss word, or a drawing of a zombie with a dangly eyeball or something. Won't somebody please think of the children?

We try to make sure that everything on our site is safe for kids. We do screen the ads, but the contents of the linked sites can change after we've looked at them. We're sorry if you clicked through and saw Harry Potter spoilers or The Dog-Faced Boy or anything else that you would now like to unsee.

Q: Can I use some of the content from your site?

Our lawyers live in a cave whose mouth is strewn with the gnawed bones of people who used some of the content from our site. Seriously, please share our URL with anybody you think would enjoy the site, and beyond that, ask first.

Q: Who are you guys, anyway?

We're Monty Stevens Kane and Kelli Stevens Kane, the husband-and-wife co-founders of Planet Saturday, LLC. Monty does art and animation for videogames and electronic toys. Kelli is a writer, and manages the business. We have a secret hideout in an extinct volcano, and at night we assume our secret identities and go there to work on the comic- which is written and drawn by Monty, and edited by Kelli. We also collaborate on children's book manuscripts, music, and other top-secret mad scientist inventions, which will be revealed here on the site when the time is right.

You can find out more about Monty and Kelli by consulting this interview.

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