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Indy Pick of the Month, May 2009
-Brent Frankenhoff, Comics Buyer's Guide

Planet Saturday Comics captures the joys, and silliness, of parenting better than any other book on the market right now. And it does it in incredibly heartwarming fashion.
-Lee, Comics and Other Imaginary Tales

It is a great comic, somewhere between Calvin and Hobbes and The Wonder Years but still very much its own thing.
-Xavier Xerexes, ComixTalk

Planet Saturday Comics gives you a fuzzy good feeling about the world as a whole. The concept is out of this world.
-Sandbox World

Monty S. Kane's illustrations are clear black and white images that bleed through with figurative color in form of memories and connections. His art drives the story and most importantly, the feelings of the reader. His images convey so much emotion in the most simplistic and comfortable way. It gives the feeling that we know M, that he is our best friend who is telling us stories around the kitchen table.
-Chris Wilson, The Graphic Classroom

I also appreciate the fact that the stories don't always have Emory at the same age... I think it allows Kane to tell the story that is the most important one for him to tell at the time, and that keeps the emotional truth intact.
-Jeremy Wiggins, ZodarZone

...his adult character might very easily be viewed as the man Watterson's Calvin might have grown up to become.
-R.J. Carter, The Trades

It is a very touching book without being forced. The sweetness is genuine and very MANLY. This is a nice book to stuff dad's Father's Day Stocking (a tradition I am unsuccessfully trying to start at my house)....
-Scott Tingley, Comics in the Classroom

...these charming, amusing and occasionally absurd stories made me grin throughout. A couple of moments I laughed aloud. The artwork only enhances the comedy.
-Ray Tate, Comics Bulletin

...I found this to be an extremely charming, endearing and humorous book to read. If you don't consider yourself a comic book reader, this is a wonderful place to start. If you already love to read comics, this is a great addition to your library.
-Mama Sparkles

The bottom line is, Kane and Mrs. Kane have put together a product that finds universal elements and appeals to the kid in you, inviting your imagination out for a friendly romp.
-Travis Pullen, Comics Fodder

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